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The Urban Loop

Sep 16, 2020

Phil Beecher is the President and CEO of the Wi-SUN Alliance, a global alliance developing and promoting inter-operable Internet of Things wireless standards for smart city infrastructure.Phil and the Wi-SUN Alliance have pioneered the Smart Utility wireless network (IEEE 802.15.4g), bringing together the best of reliability, bandwidth, and latency to deliver a robust network paired with industry backing and a marketplace of third party components and compatible products. 

An early engineer on Bluetooth and Zigbee protocols amongst others, Phil dives deep into the Wi-SUN protocol comparing and contrasting this to the several other popular IoT wireless standards. 

In this conversation, we dive into…

  • Why the Internet of Things is necessary to realize the promise of Smart Cities
  • The benefits that the Wi-SUN standard provides for smart city infrastructure
  • The process, conversations, and debates behind developing a standard
  • How wireless networks and their development has changed over time

As a communications engineer myself, it was a delight to learn about the Wi-SUN protocol from a wireless technology pioneer. Hope you enjoy the conversation!

Phil can be reached at the following: LinkedIn, Twitter


Enjoy the show!

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